It’s been a while!

Hey guys!!

I’ve ducked out of posting on here over the last little while, I guess I lost my momentum and told myself if I’m not posting every day I shouldn’t post at all. And that’s not really realistic for most of us haha

Over the last month or so things have really turned on their heads. I’ve been thrown into a situation that I’ve been desperately wanting to be in, but I’ve been procrastinating in my comfort bubble and it is really scary because I’m now forced to step out of that, and decide what I want to do with my life etc etc.

And I’ve naturally headed towards the only thing I really do that I’m passionate about (besides art I guess ha) and that is mental health. I’ve felt at times like the ability to post so freely about my experiences has been a reason why I am still here. What’s the purpose of living if you can’t help other people, or have a positive impact on someone else? And I am now in a place where I may soon be able to do that every single day in a challenging but also rewarding way.

I guess just checking in to say HEY, I’m fine still here and have a lot to look forward to, because now I know what I want from my life and I’ll do all that I can to get there 💪🏻

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