💕Gushy post warning💕

but I never feel like I’m able to fully express how in love I am with this person.

being in love is so amazing, beautiful, uplifting, scary but incredibly safe when it’s with the right person. I have never felt safer with someone, than with this gorgeous guy who knows me completely, calls me out on my crap, but also cares and loves me so deeply.

we were just short of three years together when we ended our relationship (about a year ago now). we both became people we weren’t and we couldn’t communicate. mental health played a huge part in it, but a significant amount was also down to both of our personal failures to communicate with eachother, and hold grudges. we took things out on eachother and saw it as us against one another, not us vs a problem.

we both tried to move on with other people, and it just wouldn’t work. outright denial and both repressing how we really felt and acting like it was fine. almost 9 months later we bumped into each other at a festival… and it was undeniable. how can you deny still being in love with someone you shared everything with for years.

it hit me like a ton of bricks, even though I had tried to move on… it just wasn’t possible. have you ever pretended to be okay with something that cut you up inside so much that you just fully repressed it and weren’t even aware that you were still hurting??! I didn’t deal with the ending of our relationship until this point, until I saw that beautiful face and had to try to act like I was his friend… and I couldn’t leave my bed for two days I was broken hearted.

Luckily he felt the same way, we have both shared with eachother the explicit pains of the time we spent apart from eachother. and I consider myself incredibly lucky that this amazing person who has seen and helped me grow so much (when we started dating in 2014 I was 20 omfg) and lifted me through every hard experience… that he is back in my life to stay.

He is the one that consoled me when my childhood pet died, covered her body for me when I couldn’t face her and pulled me through the panic attack brought on by my suddenly finding her dead while my parents were away. He has talked me through countless meltdowns, listened to my whining, took care of me every time I was sick or had a bad period pain (I have them really bad sometimes I can’t even move). He came to my graduation, he took me to Paris and treated me to a day at Disneyland. He’s loved me throughout… plus he is the reason I was able to impulse buy my kitten – she was OURS and losing him felt like our little family had broken up. He has seen and helped me grow from a depressive, self righteous 20 year old who wouldn’t listen, into someone that is at least a bit better than that nearly 4 years later. He was and continues to be… my first real love.

Our relationship before we broke up was far from perfect, but that’s because we stopped communicating about things and we both lost a best friend in doing so. Love is hard, it takes work from both parties, it takes courage and understanding, being willing to listen and trust. And not sharing your mental health and communicating with that person can lead to a toxic environment and you can hinder something truly special if you don’t confide in your partner.

Our relationship now isn’t perfect either, no relationship is. but my gosh is it so much happier and healthier than it was before. I’m so genuinely happy with him that I just wanna cry. Love is beautiful, especially a true, honest, trusting, goofy best friend and lovers unconditional type of love.

(He will hate me for uploading this fucking adorable picture of his face but idc I love it)

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