This blogs gonna be a mess…

until I get an idea of what and how to actually blog. I’ve started by uploading posts from my instagram account to kind of get rolling with what I want to share and express.

getting through the fear of posting personal details of your life is so scary, especially when those details are not necessarily happy or positive. but that’s why it’s best to do it here because this is not going to be a place of judgement.

anyways, lots of love until I can get this rolling…


2 thoughts on “This blogs gonna be a mess…

  1. I think blogging can be informative or personal, or both. as you have seen by mine and im sure youve seen on others, its about what you want to talk about, people will either choose to read it or ignore it. Do what feels right, i chose to be an open book, say exactly whats on my mind and it works for me 🙂 Some people will hate my story or love it, i dont care what people think, i care about it helping me and helping others regardless of what they think

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    1. You’re so right, really it can be anything you want it to be – you can choose to talk about what you do and you’re right in that really the people who aren’t interested, don’t care or a lot of the time don’t relate won’t bother to read it really? I think as long as you aren’t idealising mental illness then it’s only a good thing to talk about it ☺️ worst case someone doesn’t relate and just moves on, or it can make some feel like they’re not alone in it. like you’re doing! and if it makes you feel better too cos talking can really really help take that weight off then that is also amazing! at the end of the day what you think and feel is what you should care about!

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