I’m not sure what I’m doing

I’m so excited and nervous for this experience.

Today one of my closest and dearest best friends and I were exploring my favoured section of Waterstones (spiritual writing ofc I dragged her over there hahahah), just chatting and talking about things and life, and she suggested to me that I should consider starting a blog.

I’ve always loved posting long blabbery text posts about topical things, so this was an amazing idea (love you jaymay πŸ’•), it’s going to benefit and be an amazing outlet for me – I am so excited to share and express my truth. Advocating for talking about mental health, as well as whatever else, but not being able to push myself to go deeply in depth… so this is going to be my safe space to do this. To actually lay myself bare.


One thought on “I’m not sure what I’m doing

  1. You will find by getting out in the open very rewarding and make you realise that you will never be alone. Everyones problems and needs are different, however, no matter how different your needs, someone and many people can and will help you, and they arent always professionals. I hope as a community we can help with this, ive only been on a few days and the support i have received is amazing. You will some great people on here

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